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Tooth sensitivity beliefs at Polished Dental Hygiene

Tooth sensitivity is a common concern that people mention at their first dental hygiene visit. There are so many ways to treat the sensitivity that it's difficult to make one single post on it! It is all about the chemistry and bacteria in your mouth. If your diet tends to be on the acidic side, the teeth will constantly loose minerals from the surface. Acidic foods are healthy (ie, vitamin c ) but not so good for your teeth. At Polished Dental Hygiene, it's all about B A L A N C E. The Dental Hygiene Practitioners at Polished Dental Hygiene want you to continue enjoying your favorite foods but we want you to keep your teeth looking beautiful and healthy forever. At Polished Dental Hygiene, we want you to have a sparkly white smile that is long lasting. Talk to your Dental Hygiene Practitioner at Polished Dental Hygiene to see what small changes you can make to keep your smile fresh 🦷✨

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