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Polished Dental Hygiene Vancouver recommends Clinpro 5000 for cavities prevention

Clinpro 5000 is one of the best toothpastes out there to prevent cavities on teeth. . It has Calcium triphosphate for those with dry mouth so that the fluoride uptake on the teeth will help with remineralization to prevent cavities, sensitivity, and enamel erosion. . It does have a higher concentration of fluoride so it's to be kept away from children under the age of four (they still swallow toothpaste so they require a lower dose). . After brushing your teeth with a pea-sized amount, please spit out the toothpaste but try not to rinse with water or mouthwash to allow remineralization to occur without any dilution! . For more tips and tricks on tooth cavity prevention, enamel erosion or tooth sensitivity, visit Polished Dental Hygiene Vancouver!

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