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Polished Dental Hygiene Vancouver on Broadway

Polished Dental Hygiene Vancouver is open on Saturdays once a month. After your dental hygiene visit at Polished Dental Hygiene Vancouver, feel free to grab a coffee at Elysian Coffee on Broadway, which is located downstairs from Polished Dental Hygiene Vancouver (unless in-office whitening was completed).


Polished Dental Hygiene Vancouver uses fluoride varnish which has different post fluoride instructions than fluoride gel and there is no need to wait 30minutes after dental hygiene to eat or drink.


Fluoride varnish works differently because it is longer lasting so it slowly releases and remineralizes teeth to prevent cavities. It's more effective than fluoride gel at preventing cavities.


Learn more ways of preventing cavities or toothbrushing techniques from one of the dental hygiene practitioners or dental hygienists at Polished Dental Hygiene Vancouver.

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