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Polished Dental Hygiene Vancouver has no dentist

At Polished Dental Hygiene Vancouver, there is no dentist on site and Polished Dental Hygiene Vancouver is an independent dental hygiene clinic. . What are the benefits of an independent dental hygiene practice like Polished Dental Hygiene Vancouver? 1) safety during covid - all treatment rooms are enclosed with close doors so aerosols stay within your own area 2) calm and relaxing environment 3) appointments stay on time 4) customized dental hygiene treatment plans 5) build a personal relationship with your hygiene provider 6) focus on cavities PREVENTION to save you MONEY and TIME 7) focus on the dental hygiene scope of practice . What benefits do you see in visiting an independent dental hygiene clinic versus a traditional dental office? . Polished Dental Hygiene Vancouver has the same equipment as a traditional dental office, follows the same rigorous infection control procedures, independent dental hygiene services are covered under dental benefits, Polished Dental Hygiene Vancouver still take images (if needed) and Polished Dental Hygiene Vancouver provides local anesthetic during the periodontal treatment (if needed)! . Bonus: independent dental hygiene providers can refer you to a dentist, if you don't have a dentist!

Polished Dental Hygiene Vancouver is conveniently located at Broadway and Cambie across the SkyTrain next to the 99 b-line bus stop. It is walking distance to VGH, BC Cancer Agency, all the major banks, and close to UBC!

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