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Jaw or TMJ pain approach at Polished Dental Hygiene Vancouver

Polished Dental Hygiene Vancouver believes that it takes a multi-disciplinary approach to heal TMJ or jaw pain and to find the root cause of the pain. . Sometimes it's best to see a chiropractor to adjust the alignment. . Other times, a RMT might help to massage the tissue. . A dentist may help by fabricating a custom nightguard if you're clenching or grinding. Specific dental nightguards are made depending on which oral habit is present. Oral medicine specialists can fabricate these nightguards and find the cause of the TMJ or jaw pain. . Many different healthcare professions can administer Botox to alleviate the TMJ or jaw pain. . Physiotherapy can provide exercises to relieve the jaw or TMJ pain. . An orthodontist may realign teeth and jaws so that the relationship between the upper and lower jaw is balanced. .

Polished Dental Hygiene Vancouver will listen to your concerns and refer to a dentist or to the appropriate healthcare provider depending on your needs.

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