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How often are dental hygiene appointments recommended?

At Polished Dental Hygiene Vancouver, we recommend frequency of dental hygiene appointments based on your current oral health.


Sometimes it is recommended to come in for a 4-6 week re-evaluation, sometimes every 3, 4 or 6 months.


Polished Dental Hygiene Vancouver makes recommendations based on probing depths, tartar levels, stain levels, bleeding gums, client motivation, time since last visit, amount of recession, ability to adequately remove plaque levels at home, amount of education required, overall health, overall lifestyle, access to care, etc.


As dental hygiene providers, it can be difficult to make these recommendations as we worry about client perception but this can be a good time to educate!

At Polished Dental Hygiene Vancouver, we can customize services based on your budget yet still following recommendations based on what's appropriate for your oral health!

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