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Happy New Year

As the end of a decade and year approach, I enjoy reflecting. It was such an incredible year in so many ways yet maybe the worst in other ways. . The biggest joy that came was that my son was born seven months ago. It was a special time and I truly love being a mom. . Although they say moms that are entrepreneurs are independent and strong, I truly believe that without my partner and my family, I wouldn't have been able to do both. So I'm grateful for these wonderful people I have. . In addition, it was my one year clinic opening anniversary and this brought upon many emotions. . I felt frustrated and anxious (as many of us did), as we were mid pandemic and close to our first reopening. I didn't have any sense of direction from our regulatory authority until late May. I felt frantic with trying to obtain extra equipment, extra research and PPE needed. . I felt excited as we made it through the pandemic (or so I thought, at the time) and that I'd get to see all my clients again. I felt excited to go back to one of my favorite places to be. . I felt scared about what the future would bring. As a business owner and startup company, each month or week brings this fear as I wonder if I'll survive another month. I focused on the present and I focused on one day at a time. . As the year wraps up, I am so proud of everyone for their resilience. A lot of business owners are staying afloat and have managed to make it through the heat. A lot of us had to work on our mental and emotional health with no social gatherings and with little guidance than we are accustomed to. . I am proud of everyone "working together" with the sense of globalization and how one vaccine was invented by someone in Germany but who was originally from another country. . Lastly I feel gratitude for all my followers, all my clients, all the businesses that I work with and, on a personal note, all my friends and family. Thank you all so much for every like, every follow, every comment, every visit and every review. I appreciate it sooo much. . What has this l taught you?

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