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Direct billing at Polished Dental Hygiene

Today I'm submitting insurance dental hygiene claims on behalf of clients. At Polished Dental Hygiene, we bill directly to your dental insurance company for you. Polished Dental Hygiene is a non-assignment office.

Polished Dental Hygiene therapeutic services are covered like traditional dental office insurance plan would cover. Dental hygiene services are not C O S M E T I C , they are THEREPEUTIC. . People from ages 3+ are recommended to see a dental hygiene provider minimally twice annually to prevent or TREAT gum disease and to I M P R O V E oral and dental health. . Teeth whitening isn't covered by insurance since it is cosmetic. Although some dental hygiene services have an additive benefit of removing stain, that is not the sole P U R P O S E of dental hygiene services.

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