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Who would have thought baby led weaning would be so messy?! The Dental Hygiene Practitioner in me doesn't want to give up. He turned his steamed broccoli into mush before it went into his mouth! We gave up and gave him a spoon with some mushed broccoli on it 😂. We're at the stage of night-time weaning from breastfeeding, introducing solids and drinking in an open cup with meals instead of bottle-feeding. It's time consuming but so worth it. We want his dental hygiene to be excellent and set him up for oral health success in the best ways we can! Although it is messy and difficult, it's better for jaw development, nasal passages and facial development to stop the sucking reflex soon. It helps prevent cavities on the teeth by avoiding nighttime feeding as much as possible. This is probably the most difficult to do but we're working on it gradually. Actually breastfeeding prevents dental cavities since the milk tends to go closer to the back of the mouth instead of coating the teeth. So if you're feeding formula, ask how to prevent cavities in baby teeth. Baby teeth are important in laying down the foundation for adult teeth and good dental hygiene! He still doesn't have any teeth yet but they'll be arriving soon.

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