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Dental hygiene options

Sometimes there's a waitlist at your regular dental office, especially with new covid protocols, but your dental hygienist has recommended more frequent dental hygiene visits (cleanings).


If that's the case, come to Polished Dental Hygiene so that your gum disease isn't progressing or so we can treat your bleeding gums as soon as possible.


At Polished Dental Hygiene, we're accepting new clients and Dental Hygiene Practitioners exist to provide access to care!


You can still see your dentist for your next appointment. Feel free to alternate between Polished Dental Hygiene and your dental office or get your dental exams with your dentist and your dental hygiene services (cleanings) with us!


There are so many options!


Or maybe, if you have dental anxiety or you're short on time, you might prefer just coming to Polished Dental Hygiene. If we see that you need to see a dentist, oral medicine specialist,

orthodontist or other professions, we can refer you! Polished Dental Hygiene Practitioners will let you know!

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