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Dental hygiene exams at Polished Dental Hygiene Vancouver

Every healthcare profession, including chiropractors, physiotherapists, RMTs, physicians, nurses, and dentists, have to do new client exams prior to beginning treatment and dental hygiene is not any different.

Dental hygienists must have a detailed record of care so we can monitor dental health and oral health conditions. . There are many parts of your health that play a role in gum health so a medical history review needs to be completed. For example, medications can have side effects that occur in the mouth and hip replacements may need antibiotics prior to beginning dental hygiene treatment. . Dental hygienists need to assess gum health to see which areas need care and to see if our treatment is working by monitoring areas of gingivitis or periodontitis, otherwise, alternative periodontal treatment may be required. We monitor stain, tartar, plaque, cavities, wear, gingival recession, dry mouth, deep probing depths (gum pockets), oral lesions, and other oral health conditions. . Without doing dental hygiene assessments, providing dental hygiene treatment is negligent.

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