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Dental hygiene (dental cleanings) for kids

At Polished Dental Hygiene, we see kids for dental hygiene (dental cleaning) appointments. . It's important to start early with dental care so we can educate you and your kids about brushing techniques, areas of plaque they might be missing or trying to get them accustomed to life long regular dental hygiene visits! .

Polished Dental Hygiene wants children to have a good experience so that they're happy to come in for regular visits!


Remember it's important to start early with preventative dental care: we can educate you on how to maintain your child's dental health by teaching them early. We know you're busy so we can give you easy tips and hacks about dental hygiene care at home! Some of us have kiddos too! . Contrary to popular beliefs, cavities can be prevented if you start early! Dentistry doesn't have to cost you a lot. . Keeping your child's natural teeth (cavity-free) for their entire lives (well adult ones) is our goal. 🦷✨💞

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