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Costs of dental hygiene at Polished Dental Hygiene

Polished Dental Hygiene offers FREE 15 minute consultations for accurate estimates since the cost of completing dental hygiene therapy (at the first visit to Polished Dental Hygiene) varies. The cost of the initial dental hygiene therapy (finishing the first dental cleaning) varies depending on the amount of time required for the dental hygiene appointments. Polished Dental Hygiene follows the BC dental hygiene fee guide instead of the dental fee guide so it’s slightly lower, with respect to each billing code. If you’re on a maintenance cycle, the dental hygiene appointment usually takes 45 minutes to one hour. The dental hygiene visit(s) can take more or less time depending on many factors: diet, brushing habits, amount of gum disease, tobacco use, time since the last dental cleaning, amount of teeth, and bone loss around teeth. After the first dental hygiene therapy is completed, Polished Dental Hygiene will recommend an individualized dental hygiene interval based on various factors. If the dental hygiene interval recommendations are followed, the costs are usually quite predictable (as long as nothing profound with overall health or oral health happens within the recommended time period). It's not too late to reserve a dental hygiene visit before the year is over!

Ashley is accepting new clients before December 18th!

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