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Bleeding gums and Dental Hygiene

Do you SEE the redness around the gums or do you have bleeding gums?

This picture shows severe gum disease, which can happen at any age! This Polished Dental Hygiene Vancouver client neglects their oral health, which may be mental health-related.

The immune response releases OSTEOCLASTS (which breakdown bone), cytokines, inflammatory markers, and more.

Our blood vessels become PERMEABLE as the collagen breaks down within the vessels...

...due to our immune response to the calculus (aka tartar), which HOUSES a colony of pathogenic bacteria within it.

These same inflammatory mediators are involved in inflammatory responses associated with heart disease, arthritis, dementia, etc.

Visit Polished Dental Hygiene, in Vancouver, a minimum of twice annually to TREAT, learn more about or prevent gingivitis or periodontitis!

Polished Dental Hygiene's Dental Hygiene Practitioners will treat any gum conditions with scaling and root planing, educate you on keeping gums healthy at home!

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